Could your business benefit your community? Find out November 13

Maya Shea Penn (AP Images)
Thirteen-year-old entrepreneur, author, eco-fashion designer and philanthropist Maya Shea Penn works in her studio. (AP Photo)

You have a great idea for a business and would like to move forward with it. Before you do, have you thought about whether your idea could benefit the people around you?

People as young as Maya Shea Penn, a 14-year-old from Georgia, are already making money while making a difference. Maya combines a skill for creating fashion items with an interest in environmentalism and animal rights. Her small business donates some of its proceeds to charities that focus on those issues.

Eric Wilson, the chief executive of Noble Impact, and Andy Rabens, the State Department’s acting special adviser for Global Youth Issues, will offer their expertise on how to create your business in a way that makes a positive impact on more than your bank balance.

Both will answer your questions online on November 13 at 13:00 GMT, along with alumni from different State Department exchange programs, so tune in!

You may learn how your startup can benefit your community, or even the world, and you’ll get ideas about how to attract the support of mentors and investors to help you on your way.

Tune in, ask questions and learn.